It's like a framework for your hackathon.

We take care of the legal stuff and provide a platform of equipment and resources that let you focus on making your hackathon a reality.

We work with amazing organizers like you to throw dozens of exceptional hackathons every year, with support from some of the world's most innovative companies.

Over 22,000 students attended events in our program last year.

We provide resources.
You provide passion.

Hack+ will make sure you have everything you need to run a successful event, which means you can focus on the hacker experience.

  • Legal nonprofit status
  • Donations platform
  • Liability waivers
  • Tax-deductibility
  • Easy spending
  • Web/server hosting
  • Power strips
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Pro audio equipment
  • Live streaming

Tailored to your event.

Whether you're a small 50-person hack day or a 5000-person hackathon, your event can benefit from a fiscal sponsorship—now completely FREE for all events we work with..


  • Legal nonprofit status
  • Donations platform
  • Liability waiver management
  • G Suite (Google Apps)
  • Event equipment
  • Web/server hosting
  • Event insurance
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